Chef LG Han has being attracting global attention for bringing to the table something decidedly unexpected: a fine-dining menu based on all local sourced products from Singapore.

Singapore has a reputation for its modern architecture, but not for its farming. Chef Han is changing the perception through his deep research of small producers in his ongoing quest to preserve Singaporean flavours and food culture. Through this challenging project that earned him one star in the Michelin Guide, Chef Han raises curiosity and questions about Singaporean farming systems, and ignites a discussion around Singapore’s entire food supply system.

“Can Chefs Save The World?” is a three part documentary series by UTOPICFOOD! Created by Mason Florence and John Krich, the production investigates the roles and perceptions of some of the greatest chefs in the world through intimate, up close and personal interviews.

Note: This interview was shot in June 2019 during the celebration of The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants, in Singapore.








Chef Guillaume Galliot | THE GREAT DISTANCE

UTOPICFOOD! – in collaboration with Kaviari – has released a dazzling short documentary featuring one of the world’s most celebrated French chefs today, Guillaume Galliot from three-Michelin star Caprice at Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.


Great accomplishments come with great challenges. In this film, Chef Guillaume Galliot, from the three-Michelin star restaurant Caprice at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, demonstrates that great distances are the mark of his trajectory, his challenges and inspiration, to create his own signature cuisine. After leaving his home in Tours, France to pursue his dream of becoming a great chef, Galliot set off around the globe. At Caprice he presents magnificent French cuisine, accented throughout with marks of his diverse career journey.

Galliot noted, “I need diversity and different cultures to work … each country I work, different cultures, different people working with me. That’s why our food is French, but in a way multicultural.”

CONCEPTS AND REGIONS | Episode | 1 – Samuay & Sons

“Concepts and Regions”, is a documentary series, presenting restaurants different in concepts, but with a common motivation, working with regional produce. In the first episode, we explore the thoughts of Chef “Noon”, Weerawat Triyasenawat , from the restaurant Samuay & Sons, in Udon Thani, northeast of Thailand. The region known as “Isan”, has one of the most exciting and complex cuisines in Thailand, mixing unique herbs and challenging the balance of flavors through dynamic combinations of salty, bitterness, sour and sweet, with an enlighten spicy feeling. A history in foraging and preservation of proteins, is part of the regions character. The forest is a key element, as much as its communities, like points the very passionate Chef, that dish by dish calls the attention to environmental and cultural preservation of Isan and Thailand.