In this documentary we present the story of Chef James Noble and his wife May. They run a project called “The Boutique Farmers”, where they produce exclusive produce on specific demand of Chefs from high end Restaurants in Bangkok. And also supply their own Farm to Table restaurant “Home”

After years working around the world in Hotels and Michelin star restaurants, James followed his dream to drop off the grid, and do a sustainable proof in provenance, low-carbon operation.

Get to know more about “Farm to Table” and “Retainership Farming”, with The Boutique Farmers, in Pak Nam Pran, Thailand.


“Thai Cacao”, presented by the Chef Black Hatena, from the restaurant “Blackitch” in Chiang Mai, introduces history, diversity, relevance, and possible uses for the Cacao produced in Thailand. With a strong work focused in Fermentation and other sustainable practices, Chef Black has been constantly active in exchange of knowledge with farmers and traditional communities in Thailand, specially in the north of the Country. In this film, he shared with us, some ideas out of his research on Thai Cacao and the possible sub-products from each stage of the complex cycle of processing the Cacao Bean.