Sir Thomas More (1477 – 1535) coined the word ‘utopia’ from the Greek ou-topos meaning ‘no place’ or ‘nowhere’. It was a pun – the almost identical Greek word eu-topos means ‘a good place’. So at the very heart of the word is a vital question: can a perfect world ever be realised?

(The British Library Board)

Our question is: Can food be perfect in anyway, from the production to the plate?

UTOPICFOOD! is a documentary project, created to tell the stories of those Utopian Thinkers in the food chain. The people seeking for perfection on daily bases, inside of high ending kitchens or at a street stove, in the fields or oceans, in social projects or environmental organizations, in small markets or big distributors. We want to show you the challenges and the beauty of this process, to feed the world in the best possible way, with all its diversity!