Needless to say how challenging this year was… how impactful it’s being in our societies… and how much has affecting the food industry. Some may have lost hope on essential values that people passionated about food culture have tried to recover on the past decade… we didn’t! .

We would like to end 2020 on a positive message, sharing a documentary we started in December 2019, shot in Curitiba / Brazil, with friends, people who love every single aspect behind the food that comes to our plates, bringing people we admire, love and respect together around the table.

“Porco Moura”, is a pig breed, from South Brazil, with characteristics from the famous Spanish “Iberico”. A breed that has being rescued by a project of UFPR (Federal University of Paraná), leaded by the Zootechnist Professor Dr. Marson Warpechowski. With support of Chefs such as João Scalzo, from the Streetfood Bar Choripan , and producers such as Dyego Schelbauer Forest Engineer and producer at Schweine Farm, this traditional breed and it’s whole productions system part of a sustainable cycle involving local fruits, and the icon of the region the Araucária Pine Nuts, has gained respect and love of the local community. . Food connects people, fields of work and recovers traditions at same time that shows love and respect for the nature… THAT’S THE SPIRIT WE WILL ENTER 2021!

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you all! . . .


Landing Page



Projeto de pesquisa da UFPR resgata suínos da raça Moura


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