The world is sick, but not from COVID-19, not since January 2020. After a couple of weeks struggling, trying to find an angle to approach our current situation that hits our society in such strong and amazing way, I came to understand that the only think we really need right now, as a society, is REFLECTION. For that matter, I’m also reflecting the use, and the short history, of our own platform and the way we look into food. That made me look back to one of my first documentaries in Thailand, and also one of the projects that brought us together into create UTOPICFOOD!, “THE MOUNTAIN WAY”. In January 2017 We visited the Pgakenyaw communities up in the mountains in the north of Thailand, with a group of Chefs, who have been developing incredible stories collaborating with Thai traditional communities. This documentary right now makes me think about our trajectory so far, but also about our relation to nature as a community. Right now we see so many crises exploding in our faces, and we all want solution for them NOW! But are we using this time to stop, to take a breath and reflect about our journey? Are we moving in the right way? If stoping the machine for one month, brings the world to this collapse, are we working in the right way? How fragile are we, financially, fiscally and mentally? Constantly consuming chemicals from agrochemicals and antibiotics, leaving in artificial cities, has damaged our immunity system as much as the long hours of work, without time to reflect, has damaged our minds. The question is, are we understanding this time as a wakeup call, for a more TRULLY SUSTAINABLE way of life? Or are we gonna get back to the comfort of our own destruction? How can we assure a sustainable food chain to avoid another pandemic collapse? I think we can all be a little bit inspired and have a spark of positive change, by looking into traditional ways… into something closer to “The Mountain Way”.
(Arlei Lima-UF! Director/Cinematographer)



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