“Concepts and Regions”, is a documentary series, presenting restaurants different in concepts, but with a common motivation, working with regional produce.

In the first episode, we explore the thoughts of Chef “Noon”, Weerawat Triyasenawat , from the restaurant Samuay & Sons, in Udon Thani, northeast of Thailand. The region known as the “Isan” region, has one of the most exciting and complex cuisines in Thailand, mixing unique herbs and challenging the balance of flavors through dynamic combinations of salty, bitterness, sour and sweet, with an enlighten spicy feeling. A history in foraging and preservation of proteins, is part of the region character. The forest is a key element, as its communities, like point the very passionate Chef, that dish by dish calls the attention to sustainable farming and cultural preservation.
“A Ostra Bêbada” (The Drunken Oyster), is located in Curitiba, capital of the Paraná State, in Brasil. The City has a very special location, being at 934 meters above sea level and 100km from the coast, separated by the Atlantic Forest Mountain Range. The Chef Lucas Cintra and his partner, the architect and urbanist Rafael Fusco, were inspired by the Spanish Tapas concept, to bring to the heart of Curitiba, native produce from the coast and the mountains. The concept goes according their, already stablished, relationship with the City and its urban use, after their first successful enterprise, the street food bar, Pizza CWB. But with “A Ostra Bêbada” they take another step, connecting the City, the Mountain and the Oceans, with a touch of the influence by the Italian and Spanish cuisine, bringing into a full circle the important geographical, historical and cultural elements that build Curitiba’s Character.

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