Parahyba, was the first name of Brazilian northeast state Paraíba. A name that has its origens in the Tupi, one of the wider languages of the original populations of Brazil. One of the most emblematic states in the country, Paraíba carries great cultural traditions, due to a history of immigrations and hard weather.

The areas of “Sertão”(Hinterland) hold the core of its culture, the hardships to have water and food, are also one element responsible for this rich culture filled up with struggle and resilience. A diverse territory marked by semi-desert, rivers, and a rich coast line, populated by, Indigenous, Africans, Portuguese, French, Dutchmen, and others, built a rich and unique culture. The food of a territory where the hunger has always been a threat, found through creativity and attention to its nature a way to develop itself in an amazing way, fool of flavours, textures, colours through unique technics and flavours.

Chef Onildo Rocha is in the forefront to preserve this culinary traditions deeply connected to history and environment, presenting a powerful and precise cuisine at his restaurantes “Cozinha Roccia”, in the cities of João Pessoa and Campina Grande. Together with the family of the emblematic Brazilian writer Ariano Suassuna, He introduced gastronomy into the “Armorial Movement”, using as reference the goat farm “Fazenda Carnaúba”.

Onildo takes his restaurant and his cuisine to a position of a stage for Paraíba’s culture, becoming one of the most representative Chefs of Brazil, and an international ambassador for his home state.







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