Our Mission

UTOPICFOOD! Is an audiovisual media, using documentary narratives to tell stories of food and it’s utopian agents. From highly creative Chefs to passionate producers, we believe thinking through food can be the beginning to better understand our society.

Is there a perfect way to feed our people? Is there a perfect food system? Is there a perfect diet? Is there a perfect dish? Maybe it’s all an UTOPIC FOOD!

Our History

UTOPICFOOD! initiated from a series of collaboration on food events in Bangkok, by Arlei Lima, Filippo Cassabgi and Mason Florence. Our need of expand our vision, and to dig deeper on our story telling started to grow… and it’s still growing… in every time we collaborate. The different perspectives and backgrounds in between us became the engine to tell stories of the food industry, showing the power of food to connect different worlds finding a common ground.