CAN CHEFS SAVE THE WORLD? | Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura

Chef MITSUHARU TSUMURA, also know as “Micha”, has called the worlds attention to the Nikkei Cuisine in Peru, through his restaurant Maido, voted “The Best Restaurant in Latin America” for 3 years in a roll. Of course as one of the most stablished fusion cuisines in the world, it has strong values behind every dish, mixing Japanese and Peruvian cultures. The attention to the ingredients creates a strong effect in how chef Micha, explored, studied and understood Peru in its diversity of land and people. Beyond that, Peru is one of the pioneer countries when it come to Chefs having such strong influence in society. Leaded by the icon chef Gastón Acurio, Peru experienced a popularisation of the professional cooking in the paste decade. Collaborations between chefs, universities, media, society and government, elevated the relevance of the profession and for that, its direct impact in society, from daily habits to creation and maintenance of laws, to protect the environment and it’s traditional communities.

“Can Chefs Save The World?” Is a three part documentary series by UTOPICFOOD! Created by Mason Florence and John Krich, investigating through intimate interviews with some of the greatest Chefs around the world, their roles and perceptions, in contemporary society.

Note: This interview was shot in June 2019 during the celebration of The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants, in Singapore.








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