CHAPTERS FROM KOH LIBONG is a UTOPIFOOD! original series, about three different experiences in the Fishermen Village of a unique Island in South of Thailand. In the Series we count with the main collaboration of Chefs Napol Jantraget (Joe) and Saki Hoshino from the restaurant 80/20 in Bangkok. And from the project Samrub For Thai, Chef Prin Polsuk and the designer and food activist Mint Jarukittikun.

CHAPTER TWO – “JOE & SAKI GONE FISHING” Chefs Napol Jantraget left Thailand when he was 18 years old to leave in Canada, where he stayed for 12 year and started his career. Was also in Canada the he met Chef Saki, the Japanese pastry Chef today his wife and partner at the restaurant 80/20 in Bangkok. Together they’ve been exploring Thai cuisine and it’s ingredients, in this trip they experienced and discovered more about the southern Thai food culture.

80/20 :

Chef Joe / Napol Jantraget:

Chef Saki Hoshino:

Samrub For Thai:

Chef Prin Polsuk:


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